Southeast Sports Outreach (SESO)



Connect people of all ages in the Southeast Guilford Community with each other and Christ through recreational sports.


We will connect people of all ages in the Southeast Guilford Community with each other and Christ through recreational sports by providing…

  • quality programs and coaching
  • safe and fun activities
  • emphasis on teamwork, character and sportsmanship among all who participate
  • a Christ-like atmosphere that creates healthy relationships with families


We are a league of encouragement. Coaches, referees and parents play an important role encouraging all league participants, including one another.

We are a recreational/instruction league. We teach fundamental skills development in a loving, safe and encouraging environment.

We believe, as coaches and administrators of this league, that the dreams and aspirations of our players are of premium importance.

We play games knowing there is usually a winner and a loser. Our players will be taught to play the game and to have fun while using their God-given talents to the best of their ability. The lessons of winning and losing will be kept in proper perspective and will be paramount in our coaching methods.

We believe in the important elements of good sportsmanship and will teach these values to our players. Good sportsmanship is defined as being a person who is fair, generous, a good loser and a gracious winner. This is someone who accepts the rules, plays by them, and wins or loses by them.

We are committed far more to developing character in our players than to winning games. Character counts far more than the scoreboard.

We are committed to offering the safest and most secure environment possible.

We are committed to building a strong relationship to families and creating an atmosphere that is Christ-like for all participants.


The most important roles of the coach include:

  • building relationships with the participants
  • teaching initiatives or athletic skills led by a team of qualified individual(s)
  • striving to have a Christ-like attitude to all players and parents
  • looking out for the safety and security of all kids

The league will strive to:

  • involve parents and families as much as possible
  • focus on the game and not on the score
  • develop a winning attitude among all who participate

Parents should be encouraging to the participants and look out for the safety and security of the kids.


  • Coaches must be trained in the fundamental philosophy of this league and must be willing to implement it in their coaching style.
  • The leadership team will provide regular equipping and evaluation for coaches.
  • Coaches will ensure that all players will get equal playing time.
  • We don’t encourage running up of scores when one team plays another who is less competitive, but at the same time we don’t want to impose a rule that restricts play and imposes burdensome requirements on coaches.
  • We will always have someone around who knows first aid and CPR.
  • We will perform background checks on coaches to ensure safety.
  • The league administrator or a designated leader of SESO will begin each game with prayer and a spiritual challenge.

Accident and Medical Release Statement

Understanding that every effort is being made to protect my child’s health and safety by those responsible, I hereby release Southeast Baptist Church, its staff, coaches, volunteers, and referees from any responsibility in the event of injury or accident during practices or games that he or she attends. In the event that my child needs emergency medical treatment or accidental injury, I hereby give my permission for such treatment to be given including necessary surgery. If a medical emergency should arise during any sports/soccer activity and I cannot be contacted, I hereby give permission to the coach or church staff/volunteers to select a physician and/or hospital for my child’s care. I, also, hereby give permission to hospitalize, treat, and to order injections, anesthesia, or surgery for my child.

Photography/Filmography Release Statement

As you are aware, there are potential dangers associated with the posting of pictures on a website since global access to the Internet does not allow us to control who may access such information. These dangers have always existed; however, we as a community outreach group do want to celebrate your child and his/her hard work through SESO. We will only post pictures of the SESO soccer season and the team photos. We will not share any other personal information on the website or Facebook page. Understanding this, I grant permission for photos of my child to be published on the Southeast Sports Outreach church website and Facebook pages.

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